Tutoriais sobre motion graphics

Here you can find some motion graphic's tutorials

3D paint.jpg

3D Paint - Quick Tutorial

Quick tutorial on how to create a classic paint look on 3ds Max.


Based on this brilliant idea: vimeo.com/album/2486542/video/5660045


Brush Strokes Map (seamless)


Table Towel Map (seamless)



(made with those brushes qbrushes.net/paint-ii/ by ShadyMedusa.)


Note: The tutorial is made with Scanline Render.

Find and Lock.jpg

Particle Flow - Find and Lock Quick Tutorial

Aprenda como utilizar o Find and Lock Operator para que as particulas viagem e um target a outro.


Lear how to find and lock on a target and then change to another target with mParticles.



vimeo.com/63846186 by Simone Nastasi

vimeo.com/24668727 by Johnny Random


Particle Flow - Text Formation
In this tutorial you'll learn a simple way to put some chunks together untill it becomes a text.

I'll show you how to use Data Operators to reset the particle age inside one event and use it to create a cool material transition with Particle Age Map and a Blend Material.


And I want to thank's JohnnyRandom for showing us how to reset the particle age inside one event.


Sorry about the audio quality. It's the best I could do.


Particle Flow - Popcorn Quick Tutorial

Tutorial rápido de como criar uma animação 3D de pipocas estourando no 3Ds Max com Particle Flow.

Quick tutorial on how to create popcorn in 3Ds Max's PFlow with MassFx.

Click here to download the kernel and popcorn 3D models.​

3Ds Max - Popcorn Modeling Quick Tutorial

Tutorial rápido de como modelar uma pipoca procedural high-poly e low-poly para animação 3D.

Quick way to model a procedural popcorn in 3Ds Max 2013

RealFlow - Lava Lamp Quick Tutorial

Como criar movimentação realística de lava lamp para animação 3D de partículas no ReaFlow.

How to create realistic lava lamp's ooze simulation in RealFlow.