Particle Flow - Text Formation

In this tutorial you'll learn a simple way to put some chunks together untill it becomes a text.

I'll show you how to use Data Operators to reset the particle age inside one event and use it to create a cool material transition with Particle Age Map and a Blend Material.


You can download Vorofrag here.


And I want to thank's JohnnyRandom for showing us how to reset the particle age inside one event.


Sorry about the audio quality. It's the best I could do.

To understand what's going on with this Data Operator, check what Johnny Random says:


New in Event (inside Imput Standard) is connected to the Boolean of the Scalar. This means only do this when a particle has just arrived in the event and do it only once. So when a particle just arrives its New In Event status is true for the first integration step, after that it is false.


To explain the "Boolean of the Scalar". Almost all sub-operators have this boolean input on the right side. It is a switch that allows the sub-op to "due its duty". If nothing is connected it is always regarded as "true" or "on". So no only can you wire a New In Event to it, you can use any boolean condition or state. Another example; if a particle is traveling so fast then do this.

So without this New In Event hooked up (disconnect it and watch the values during playback) the Scalar will constantly set the Particle Age to 0, instead of what we want and that is once. 


(check his website here)


Check the whole conversantion on CGTalk.